Viral Launch (US), Amazon Seller Tools

Viral Launch (US)


Viral Launch is one of the world's leading software suites that provides sellers with data and tools to grow their business on Amazon FBA.

Viral Launch's toolkit is currently the most comprehensive in the industry and enables Amazon sellers to gain competitive advantages on Amazon US and Europe

Since its inception, Viral Launch has tracked over 225 million products. Viral Launch has helped launch more than 44,000 products and has helped more than 10,000 brands grow in the Amazon Marketplace with its software suite.

Viral Launch is expected to become a key player in Amazon FBA in the near future.

Benefits of Viral Launch:

  • You get better visibility on the platform and better results on Amazon.
    Each tool can be purchased individually.
    Viral Launch's interface is very intuitive

  • Let's take a closer look at the tools that make up the Viral Launch software suite.

Features of Viral Launch

Viral Launch (US), Amazon Seller Tools


Dominate your market for your product's success!

View the most accurate sales estimates. See pricing and trend data to understand the market and validate your winning products.

The Market Intelligence tool provides the most accurate and up-to-date sales estimates because Viral Launch has the most comprehensive Amazon data. It is the only product research tool that shows you trends across an entire Amazon marketplace so you can make the best decisions.

No other competitive research tool integrates product sales estimates with a full FBA calculator, showing you the initial investment and projected profits.

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With Viral Launch Find products for sale on Amazon

Select specific criteria and get an instant list of products and keywords. You reduce the time spent searching for profitable products. It's the easiest and fastest way to find real opportunities. You get highly accurate sales estimates from Amazon catalog data.

Viral Launch (US), Amazon Seller Tools
Viral Launch (US), Amazon Seller Tools


Improve your ranking on Amazon

No more guessing what the best keywords are. Amazon will give you the keywords. You can perform a reverse ASIN search of all your competitors. You can view search volume estimates and historical search volume trends for each keyword. Viral Launch assigns each keyword an opportunity score on a scale of 1 to 1000.


Create a listing containing the most important keywords

Listing Builder codifies the creation of listings. You can build a perfectly optimized listing for Amazon SEO. Listing Builder optimizes the ranking of keywords in Amazon search results.

Now with this tool anyone can create a perfect listing like a pro!

Viral Launch (US), Amazon Seller Tools
Viral Launch (US), Amazon Seller Tools


Discover profitable opportunities

Viral Launch's Keyword Manager is a comprehensive analytics dashboard. With this dashboard you can view more keyword data for your products than any other tool in the world.

With Keyword Manager you get advanced keyword analytics such as index checks, organic and ad ranking tracking, badge notifications and keyword scores as well as search volume trends.


Build on the success of your competitors

Competitor Intelligence is a reverse ASIN search tool on Amazon that allows you to get a comprehensive list of top performing and underutilized keywords in an instant. You can then analyze and track indexing, keyword rank, sponsored ad rank, sales, price, reviews, search volumes, notification options etc.

Viral Launch (US), Amazon Seller Tools

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Viral Launch (US), Amazon Seller Tools

Get innovative and amazing improvements!

The Listing Analyzer tool performs a fully automated analysis that allows you to see how your product compares to the top competing products. You can then improve your listing to increase your sales.

Your product listing is composed of a title, bullets, description, keywords and photos that help turn visitors into buyers. No more bad listings! Listing Analyzer performs a SWOT analysis to ensure that every aspect of your listing is top-notch.


Viral Launch (US), Amazon Seller Tools

You can automate your PPC campaigns!

You can set up manual or automatic rules to stop unprofitable ads or to keep only successful campaigns.

The Kinetic software tool gives you the data you need to easily monitor your performance. Kinetic allows you to quickly improve or adjust your bids. No matter what your PPC goals are, Kinetic allows you to determine the best performing locations for your ads. You'll be able to create campaigns that maximize your sales.

Our Opinion





Viral Launch is a suite of tools that allows you to get very accurate analysis of products sold on Amazon.

You will find much more expensive tools, yet Viral Launch is far more powerful than competing tools.

You can trust Viral Launch. The only competitor to Viral Launch is Helium 10, which continues to improve its suite of tools on a regular basis.

But Viral Launch is currently the most complete tool. We give it a 5 out of 5 without any difficulty. If you are struggling to succeed on Amazon Viral Launch can help you succeed.



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