Increase your sales without increasing your advertising budget!

Increase your sales without increasing your advertising budget!

The main concern of an Amazon seller is to increase the number of conversions, i.e. the number of sales made.

If you're researching Blogs or Online Videos to find out how to increase your sales, you'll be told most of the time that you need to increase traffic to your product listing. And to increase traffic, there are not many solutions, we will have to pay for advertising. Like what:

  • Advertising directly on Amazon is called the PPC

  • Advertising on Google Adwords, or Facebook Ads.

If you have many products, or if your margin is low, advertising may cost you a lot of money or even make you make a loss. Many websites or blog sites will explain that you have to know how to lose money when marketing a new product on Amazon's platform. This is not very reassuring when you have just started your business and your budget is limited

We'll explain in this video exactly how to maximize your conversion rate, optimize your SEO and increase your sales, and without paying for advertising.

The conversion rate

Many people think that to get more sales, just increase traffic to its product listing, pay for advertising, continue to pay for increased traffic, and continue to pay over and over again…

You may have noticed, paying for advertising on Google Adwords or Facebook Ads is not necessarily going to give you the expected results. Most of the time you are not going to see a significant increase in your sales.

Yet one important element that is all too often ignored is the conversion rate.
So what is a conversion rate. This is simply the number of people who bought your product, divided by the number of people who visited your listing. So it's an indicator that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your product listing.

Let's take an example:

  • If all 20 visits you get a sale, your conversion rate will be 1/20 – 0.05 or 5%.

  • If you improve your listing and now make 2 sales for 20 visits, which is not significant, your conversion rate will be 2/20-0.10 or 10%

As you can see, by improving your product listing, you can simply double your sales

But how to improve the efficiency of your listing, in other words how to increase your conversion rate and your profits? The solution is called SPLIT TESTING


Split testing is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rate and therefore your sales. 

On a classic website you have to test an infinite number of elements, such as the color of the texts, the shape and color of the buttons, the size of the font for titles, paragraphs etc. On Amazon the elements of the product listing to be tested will be much more limited.

Most of the time to write the title, description etc…. of the product sheet, we allow ourselves to be influenced by his inspiration, his entourage or by what the competitors have already done. This can be disastrous.

It would be much more effective to know what customers prefer. And for that we're going to do a Split Testing.  This will let you know, after each listing changes produces what works and what doesn't by measuring the buyers' featuring.

Let's take an example, you will create two variations of your product listing.

Increase your sales without increasing your advertising budget!, Amazon Seller ToolsIn one you will insert a photo of your product, and in the other variant of the listing of the same product you will position another photo. And you let the test run, so it's meaningful. That is, it will take a while for a number of people to visit your listing. The longer you wait, the more buyers will be able to visit your product listing, and the more relevant your test will be. You will keep the listing for which you have obtained the best conversion rate. You can then test your product sheet this time with 2 variants for the title, or for bullet points. Through testing you will increase your conversion rate and get an effective product listing, which will appeal to as many buyers as possible, able to trigger many sales.

Before you test a change to your product listing you will have to determine what you want to optimize.  In addition to improving the conversion rate, split testing can help you achieve other goals. So thanks to the tests you will be able to:

  • Improve your ranking for a given keyword by adjusting the title of the product listing.

  • Increase the number of visitors to the product listing, increasing the number of clicks to the product listing

  • Increase the conversion rate, i.e. the number of sales by improving the product listing

Now you can start developing your tests!

What tests should be carried out?

Here are some examples of simple tests you can do to improve your product sales on Amazon.

The title

How do I write the title to get a better conversion rate or a better click-through rate? Which keywords in the title generate the best traffic?

You can find an answer to these questions by testing your title, making variations.

The product description

The description of your product consists of many small details that your potential buyers will read before clicking the "Buy" button. Which description will work best for your product?

The Main Image

For the customer in a hurry, the image is often the first and sometimes the only thing they look at before clicking on a list. Will the image of your main product trigger a click? You will only get the answer by testing different images and seeing which one generates the most clicks.


You can try to highlight a feature of your product or a differentiating element by inserting text into an image. You will be able to test whether incorporating a warranty, a reduction influences buyers. Be careful, you should not write anything in the first image of your listing, which should only feature your product on a white background.

The price

You can optimize your conversion rate by testing different prices.

A discount

You can test if it's worth offering discounts.  You let customers give you the answer by doing a split test.

Some recommendations

Only do one test at a time

If you test several elements at once you will find it difficult to draw conclusions.

It will be difficult to interpret the result of your test if you change the photo, title, description and price of the product at the same time. If for one of the variants of your listing, the number of sales increases, how will you determine which modified item is responsible for the improvement in the conversion rate.

So it's best that you test only one improvement at a time to measure its impact on your sales.

Be patient

It is necessary to test a sample of statistically significant data before drawing any conclusions. If the number of visitors is low, the tests will not deliver very accurate results. It will take a few weeks, as the time required may vary depending on the size of the number of visitors. It is important not to make a hasty decision based on a test that has not turned well enough. The more complete the test, the more reliable the result.


We present the testing software called Splitly. You'll find the link in the description if you want to test it. The software works in the U.S. market but also for European platforms, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

Splitly is software developed specifically to help Amazon sellers split test lists to improve their sales.

Created by Amazon sellers, for Amazon sellers, Splitly is the only way to run precise Split Testing for your Amazon Products.

It's incredibly easy to set up to run the tests to improve SEO, increase the number of visits to a product listing, and optimize conversion rates.

Increase your sales without increasing your advertising budget!, Amazon Seller Tools

Here is the current tariff schedule. You'll probably be interested in Starter subscriptions at $47 per month and Growth at $97. The difference is essentially the number of simultaneous tests you can run.

With Starter you can perform 3 simultaneous tests and with Growth 10 simultaneous tests. But we're drawing your attention to the Growth subscription, which integrates the Profit Peak app. With the Profit Peak app you'll be able to automatically let the app optimize the prices of your Privates Labels. It is always difficult to know at what price you should sell your products.

Increase your sales without increasing your advertising budget!, Amazon Seller ToolsThe Profit Peak app incorporates an algorithm based on artificial intelligence that will automatically react to competitors' price movements. You can sleep easy, the app adjusts, like an autopilot, your prices, to optimize your sales while making sure to maximize profit.  It will only take you 5 minutes to set it up. You'll save hours of manual adjustment work with Splitly's Profit Peak app! In addition to the time saved, you will constantly optimize your profits.

So let's do a little math. You want to increase the number of products sold and your profits. Suppose you sell 5 different products on Amazon. If you increase your PPC budget for each of your products by 5 euros per day.  This will also cost you at the end of the month:

5 x 5 x 30-day products – $750 extra monthly PPC.

On the other hand, the app will only cost you $97 per month for 10 simultaneous tests with the Profit Peak profit optimizer.

As you can see the calculation is quick to do, and a choice is required. If you want to improve your results will find below a link to the Online Application Splitly.

See you soon for more tips…